Career Phases: With mastery of a skill or skills, can job burnout be far behind?

Both learning and developing motivate us and keep us alive.  As learning/development goes down, our motivation and self esteem tends to hit the skids.  Companies encourage us to keep doing what we are doing successfully – and they will pay top dollars to keep you in place.


Which phase are you in?

Phase One:  Considered a relative newbie with a high learning curve. Self-esteem is good as well as motivation. Confidence is tested.  External credibility starts to grow.  The dollars are OK.


Phase Two:  Competent but still learning; motivation and drive are high. Confidence grows.  Viewed as an “up and coming player” in the skills area.  The dollars start to increase.


Phase Three:  Now fully competent but still learning (albeit at a slower pace).  Motivation and drive can start to waver. Viewed as pretty credible and “right up there”.  A good jump in dollars.


Phase Four:  Highly proficient. Attained the  Learning process has slowed to a trickle. Motivation and drive are minimal at best.  Viewed as “the go to person” and discouraged from trying anything “new”.  The dollars are really there, and buying a lot of false happiness. This phase lasts for a relatively short time


Phase Five:  No learning, resentful, job burnout, bored, unhappy, feeling trapped and powerless and really does not want use this skill anymore – regardless of the dollars.  There usually is a lot of fear and confusion.


Best time to start planning the next move? About Phase 3.

We are goal oriented.  We are motivated when we are learning and growing in the process of attaining the goal.  Career management and development are the full responsibility of the employee.



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