LinkedIn Impressionism: How Does Your Photo Compare?

LinkedIn Impressionism:

How Does Your Photo Compare?

By Randy Block

After you have connected with someone on LinkedIn, you are redirected to “People You May Know.” Intrigued? You proceed to watch the parade of photos and backgrounds.

I have viewed thousands of photos over the years. I would like to give my impressions of those that should be reviewed by their owners because they don’t give the best impression…


  1. The No Picture: Now, I know that online privacy is important to all of us. But come on people, many of us might know you on sight but not by name. Add your photo to your LinkedIn profile! This just in!  You don’t have a photo? This can hurt your LinkedIn search results by putting you lower in the database.
  2. The Dated Picture: Several years ago, I met a friend for lunch after not having seen his/her for quite some time. Naturally, we both had aged. Funny how the passage of time does that! Would you believe this 50 year old used his/her college graduation picture on LinkedIn? I know that age discrimination is alive and well, but use an updated photo!! We’ll all go into shock meeting someone who has aged 20 years in just 5 days from looking at his or her LinkedIn photo.
  3. The Action Photo: You are a distant dot doing something athletic or riding something. I guess this works if I want to hire a dot. We ask, “Who was that masked man?” It worked for the Lone Ranger, but use a close up head shot please!!
  4. The Trustworthy Photo: The eyes have it. Most of us like to look into someone’s eyes. Seeing the eyes gives you the impression of trustworthiness.
  5. The Dark Picture: This photo lacks the proper lighting. There is a human in there I just know it. Lighten up!
  6. The Tuxedo Photo: This photo will work if you are looking for a job as a waiter or maître d’. Otherwise, let’s face it, you are overdressed.
  7. The Half Face Photo: Shades of Phantom of the Opera. What does the other half of your face look like? Scary!!
  8. The Duo Picture: Yes, believe it or not, there are many LinkedIn photos out there with two people. Do you think that we like to play the game of “Guess which one of us matches the background?” NO! And leave your family and spouses out.
  9. The Caricature/Drawn Photo: Only your friends know for sure. But could they hire you? Are you being too clever?
  10. The Mug Shot:There is shadow behind your face. Were you finger printed at the time of the photograph?

It’s important that we all stand out from the crowd. It’s what personal branding is all about. With the exception of identical twins there is no other face that looks exactly like yours in the whole world, doppelgängers aside.

** Groucho Marx said: “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do us live long enough.”

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(c) 2016 Randy Block. All rights reserved.


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